The Center holds two semi-annual Indoor Yard, Craft and Bake events on a Saturday, usually in June and November.  Donations from local area businesses (especially office furniture, computers, printers, modems, and office supplies are welcome) and from local area citizens (unused personal items – no tires, analog televisions, batteries, cups or clothing).  For Pickup – contact Bob Burton at 509-295-6139 or e-mail him at, or call or e-mail Heather, our office manager, at the office (509 758-4064).

Items welcome are:  books, puzzles, jewelry, bud vases, cups, dishes, pots and pans, kitchen items, vacuum cleaners, suitcases, tools, nuts – bolts and screws, yard ornaments, baked goods, linens, bedding, Christmas decorations, holiday decorations, boating supplies, pictures, picture frames, craft items, handmade soap, copy paper, pens and pencils, school supplies, teddy bears, children’s play equipment, dvds, cds, vcr tapes, shoes, computers, monitors, printers, or any item you think the Center could readily sell.

All of the funds raised go to support the Center, the Center’s once per month Thursday Senior Meal,  maintenance and repair and support activities at the Center.  Volunteers are always welcome to help set up and take down the event, price items, help sell items, help load items for buyers, and help with item pickup.  None of the volunteers are paid.  All unsold items not worthy of keeping for the next sale are donated to St. Vincent DePaul.

Morning coffee and treats are provided.

The Center is an IRS 501c-3 non-profit corporation.  Those that donate items can write off their donations on their individual income tax returns if the file a long form return.

For information about these events, please call Bob Burton as noted above or Heather at the office as noted above.