Friends of the Valley Community Center

Innovia (formerly Inland Northwest Community Foundation (INWCF)  – The Foundation has approved a second matching grant donation of $3,500  to the Center.  The donation will be used to help pay for the Center’s low-cost meal program for the seniors, low-income residents and veterans who attend the Center’s Senior Meal Program which is held three times per week and on special occasions.  

The donation will help pay for the costs of the food purchased for the Program, labor and payroll cost for the three  part time persons, paid kitchen crew and the three person custodial crew, supplies for the kitchen and miscellaneous repairs to the kitchen equipment.
The project/program was funded (or funded in part) by a Grant from the INWCF Community Strategies Grant".  

The Board of the Center, its officers, attendees at the meals and volunteers wish to thank the Foundation  for its generous donation.